Our Community Garden has 45 rental plots, that are 4’x12′ or 4’x16′, and 4 table top accessibility beds. Members of the community can come to meet together and share their desire to grow healthy food and flowers, learn together and enjoy spending time in the garden. We are just minutes from the town of Waterdown, yet surrounded by beautiful farmland and apple orchards.

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Our Mission

Flamborough Baptist Community Garden will provide space for the community to garden together within the Flamborough area. We will create a shared vision to work together and cultivate a place for individuals, families and friends to learn and experience the rewards of gardening – “to grow food, grow minds and grow community.”

Our Objectives

Grow Food

“To enrich the soil and preserve the land through hands-on responsible gardening practices.”

  • To provide appropriate, easily accessible gardening plots for interested citizens and groups
  • To provide inclusive infrastructure – raised beds, walking paths, etc.
  • To provide tools and resources, fenced in areas, water access, sheds

Grow Minds

“To teach each other sustainable gardening techniques.”

  • To provide a garden space to share and learn new skills through informal interaction in the garden, formal workshops and training days and other teaching opportunities
  • To provide a safe space where participants can grow with their crops while developing a sense of identity, self-esteem and respect for self, others, and the land.

Grow Community

“To encourage the building of cooperation and friendships.”

  • To bring people together through a common meeting area, social interaction and networking, and planned community activities
  • To create a more resilient community by promoting health and wellness through fresh foods, exercise and a sense of belonging.